a treat for everyone

Kids Cookie

Only fun to be had.



"Love your cookies. Discovered your store last fall when visiting Vermont. Have since ordered online and sent gifts."

Rae P.

"Easy to order and quick delivery. I had them shipped to my daughter and she raved at how good they are (I agree)."

Catherine B.

"The best shortbread in the world. The dark chocolate is just perfect and the cookie makes an exquisite treat."

Susan S.

"Authentic shortbread that tastes like it was made in Scotland!"

Martha C.

"I am addicted to these cookies! My husband bought me a box to try. They were gone in 3 days. I’ve since then, bought 4 boxes....didn’t last 2 weeks! I am now, sitting here, awaiting 3 boxes. They are so good. I especially love them with my coffee. I promised myself I would ration them out, but that is a joke. My husband calls these my “crack cookies” ! I think he’s right."

Carol G.

"I just love your shortbread and buy it to treat myself. Every time my shipment shows up I have to find a new hiding place so my family will not eat my secret stash."

Anna C.

"These perfect confections are really a delight. Your senses will detect the superior quality of their composition and the care with which they are made. They also make brilliant gifts..."

William F.


Whole Foods Market North Atlantic
Healthy Living Market Vermont and New York
Market 32 by Price Chopper Shelburne Road Burlington Vermont